Jobs and growing the economy:

Working to create jobs, foster financial security and build Delaware's economy remain a top priority for Senator Bethany Hall Long. As a member of the Bond Bill Committee, Senator Hall-Long has remained steadfast that Delaware must attract new businesses to Delaware while making sure existing Delaware based companies are positioned to grow. Delaware can be even more competitive by offering economic incentives, tax credits and family-friendly workplace policies to attract and retain top-notch companies that will create jobs and grow Delaware's economy.


Building an educational system that prepares our children to succeed in life and for jobs in the 21st century economy is a core goal for Senator Hall-Long as a member of the Education Committee and as a Professor of Nursing at the University of Delaware. Investing in education to support teachers, to ensure all schools are performing and to provide state of the art technology to schools so that our children are able to receive a first-class education is necessary to build a solid foundation for economic growth and vitality in our State. The key to our success depends on engaged parents, dedicated teachers, accountable administrators and School District Boards working together on needed improvements in testing, evaluation and implementation of the common core.


Cleaning up our waterways, protecting our air quality and preserving our farmland and open space is essential for our quality of life. The 10th Senatorial District is one of the most environmentally diverse districts with dwindling farmland, open space, waterways, mature woodlands and manufacturing plants. Growing up on a farm in Sussex county, Senator Hall-Long knows how vital agri-business is to Delaware's economy and working as a public health knows how critical it is to protect the health of Delaware's families especially our children who are most vulnerable to environmental risks. We can and must do better in Delaware.


Our infrastructure is aging not just in Delaware but across the country. Roads and bridges are overdue for much needed repairs. As a member of the Bond Bill Committee and as Chair of the County and Community Affairs committee, issues of traffic congestion, road development and maintenance and financing are at the forefront of the policy agenda. Sen. Hall-Long will work with state and local leaders to explore innovative financing through public private partnerships and other mechanisms to address these pressing needs.